MINUTES 1/5/2015


The regular meeting of Bourque-Lanigan Post #5 American Legion was called to order at 7:00 P.M.by Commander Ernie Paradis.

Following the formal opening, the post presented a Blue Star certificate to Kaleen DeVogt as well as Service to America certificate and blue star banners to Mr. and Mrs. Cory DeVogt and his grandfather Robert Sweet.

Following the blue star ceremony, the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved without alterations or corrections.

Report of Officers and Committees:

Finance Butch Berard – Gave the finance report for the month of November and he stated that the one for December will be read at the next meeting. He also talked about the status of the Thursday night Beano.   Commander Ernie told the membership that the closure of the Thursday night Beano is not a permanent thing, meaning that if conditions change we may have it again. He mentioned that all of the local organizations are struggling with the same issues we are facing.

1st Vice-CommanderMike Coyne mentioned that since the last meeting our membership went from 76.81% to 84.19% paid members lowering the unpaid members. The Adjutant will transmit 25 renewal and 5 national direct renewals. This will bring us up to 88.62%. This leaves us with 91 unpaid members.

2nd Vice Commander Charles Shoudy – No Report. As canteen manager he gave the canteen report. He commented that members are coming into the canteen and it is helping the bottom line.

House ChairmanFloyd Smith mentioned that the wall is done and he is re-installing the electrical outlets. Commander Ernie thanked him for the fine job he is doing.

Chaplain Herb Brock – No Report

Sickness and distress

  • Commander Ernie received a call from Real Cyr and mentioned that he is not doing well. His pituitary gland has cancer and if he has it operated on he has a 50/50 chance of survival. He will go to the cancer center to see what they can do as far a radiation is concerned. Armand Dutil also mentioned that if Real doesn’t do anything he will go blind.
  • Eric Blier mentioned that his wife Carol had a bad time and hopes she will get better.

Service OfficerJim Ware – Excused

Charity CommitteeGil Pelletier – Excused

AmericanismLarry Mitchell – Reported that the district held their oratorical contest today. He also mentioned that he has not heard anything from the schools.

Athletic OfficerEric Blier – No report

Historian Real Trepanier – No Report. He did give a report on the rebuilding of Lac Megantic.

Correspondence and application or transfer of new members: Adjutant Carl read some Christmas cards from our vendors. He also read a thank you from Richard Bouchard which included a donation for $100, and one from Senior Spectrums for our donation to their ice fishing derby to benefit the meals on wheels.

Unfinished business:

Commander Ernie made comments of the current financial situation. He stated that the changes we have made are starting to pay off and reduce our expenses.

Adjutant Carl mentioned that that we are having the Special Olympics participants for soup and sandwiches on Friday January 16th at noon.

New business:

Salute to Charter: Second Vice-Commander – Charles Shoudy – assumed temporary command of the membership, for the purpose of leading the membership, in a salute toward the charter in memory of Roland Bourgoin, Merle Proctor, Patrick Parker and Richard Harmon who passed away since our last meeting.

Recessed for prizes: Names drawn for $50 were Clarence Soucy, Robert Bourassa, Paul Dutram, for $45 Donald Cassavant, and for $25 Mickey Adair. None were present.

The door prize was won by Bob Sweet who donated it to the post.

Meeting reconvened and under Good of the Legion:

Commander Ernie mentioned that the Mid-Winter conference will be held in Grey on January 16.

2nd Vice Commander Charlie made some comments on the Blue Star Banner ceremony.

Upcoming Event Dates:

The next 9th District meeting is January 14th at the Maine Veterans Home in Augusta.

The next Executive Committee meeting is at the Commanders call.

The next regular meeting is January 19th at 7 PM.

There being no further business to come before the membership the meeting was closed in proper form at 8:15 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted, Carl Paradis, Adjutant

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