MINUTES 12/15/2014


The regular meeting of Bourque-Lanigan Post #5 American Legion was called to order at 7:00 P.M.by Commander Ernie Paradis. Following the formal opening, the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved without alterations or corrections.

Guests in attendance were: SAL Commander Jerry Berard and SAL 2nd Vice Commander Ed Wilshusen II.

Members that have not been at a meeting for a long time: Pearley Lachance, Lucien Lubier, Jeff Flye, Randy Gerry, Ty Perry, Bob Sweet, Elmer Prentiss, Eric Blier and Charles Shoudy who is back from Florida.  Charlie mentioned that he is also the Squadron Adjutant.

Commander Ernie asked Eric how his wife, Carol, was doing. Eric mentioned that they removed her eye as it was cancerous and that she is doing fine.

Officers Reports

FinanceButch Berard – No Report

1st Vice-CommanderMike Coyne mentioned that according to Department we are at 78.14% and that is 529 paid members with 148 unpaid members. As of 5 days ago the adjutant transmitted 41 memberships which brings us to 570 paid and 107 unpaid for a total of 85%. January 1st is coming up and anyone who has not paid their dues will be delinquent. They will lose their privileges from the post. The LIT will lapse sometimes in February.

2nd Vice CommanderCharles Shoudy – No Report. As canteen manager he mentioned that the dry wall in the canteen is up and needs to be mudded. There will be new molding and the electrical outlets needs to be put back in. It will be painted eggshell white. Business is good right now and we need to keep it up. He mentioned that he appreciates everything the members do for the post and that he is glad to be back from his trip to Florida. Commander Ernie mentioned that it was the best appointment he could have made to make Charlie our canteen manager and thanked him for the fine job.

House ChairmanFloyd Smith – Mentioned that he is working with Cayford on the canteen wall. He mentioned that he will be putting the electrical boxes back in the wall. He mentioned that they are now working in the center room and that they will be working on making a small partition between the center room and the pool room. Commander Ernie thanked him for the fine job he is doing.

ChaplainHerb Brock – No Report

Sickness and distressElmer Prentiss mentioned that everything went well with his shoulder surgery. Commander Ernie mentioned that he was told that Roland Bourgoin has passed away. There will be no visiting hours and his funeral will be this Saturday at 11AM.

Service OfficerJim Ware – Excused

Charity CommitteeGil Pelletier – No Report

AmericanismLarry Mitchell – Reported that he called on the high schools and left literature on the oratorical contest. At the Waterville high school he left them with the receptionist. At Winslow high school he talked with a speech teacher named Gerry Goldsmith who seems interested. 1st Vice Commander Charlie mentioned that we should hold our oratorical contest 2 weeks before the district does theirs.

Athletic Officer Eric Blier – No report

HistorianReal Trepanier – mentioned that he covered the Ken A Set Christmas party and they had a good turnout. The ornaments they were given was a hit. They enjoyed Santa Clause. Commander Ernie thanked the members for helping out with this event.

Correspondents and application or transfer of new members – Adjutant Carl read a couple of Christmas cards from our vendors. He also read a thank you card from Linda Voss. He also read a letter from Wendy Dorr who is one of the Ken A Set people.

The application of Keelan DeVogt was read. Keelan just finished his basic training for the Marine Corps. He is also the grandson of Bob Sweet. Bob Sweet proudly made a motion that we accept his grandson as a member to the post. The motion was seconded by Armand Dutil. The motion passed.

Unfinished business

Adjutant Carl reported that we collected $660.20 for our bell ringing for the Salvation Army. He mentioned that he will be sending them a check for $200 as a matching fund. Commander Ernie thanked all of the members who rang the bell this year.

Adjutant Carl mentioned that he is waiting for a call from the person running the Special Olympics. He has left messages.

New business

Margaret May mentioned that she had a troubling situation at Thomas College in regards to her doing the mid-term exams or participating in the Veterans Day parade. It seems that the college would not accommodate her as she wanted to march with the veterans on Veterans Day. She stated that the college was supposed to have something on Veterans Day but they did not. She was very upset. Commander Ernie made comments on this and he thanked her for speaking up for the veterans.

2nd Vice Commander Charlie mentioned that he is holding a raffle with the proceeds to go towards the bartenders Christmas bonus. He mentioned that he has the best bartenders around. He asked the members to please help out to this cause. Commander Ernie also commented on this.

Second Vice-Commander – Charles Shoudy – assumed temporary command of the membership, for the purpose of leading the membership, in a salute toward the charter in memory of Gerard Nadeau, Joseph Quirion, Peter Joseph and Maurice Gilbert who passed away since our last meeting.

Recessed for prizes, names drawn for $10 gift certificates were Real Trepanier, Armand Dutil, Mike Coyne, Gil Pelletier, Rudy Landry, Don Breton, Larry Mitchell, Herb Brock, Craig Bailey, and Charles Shoudy.

Meeting reconvened under good of the Legion:

Adjutant Carl mentioned the funeral for Joseph Quirion.

Commander Ernie thanked the 1st Vice Commander for getting the Maine Veterans Home calendars from Augusta.

House Chairman Floyd went to Home depot and they told him they have the list and will meet with us after the first of the year.

Commander Ernie mentioned the process for getting the grant from Home depot.

Larry mentioned the newsletter and he also mentioned the new website for the Veterans Park that is in Winslow.

Gil Pelletier asked 1st Vice Commander Mike if he had a list on members who had not paid their membership. Mike told him he had no list yet but expects one at the first if the year. Adjutant Carl mentioned that he is working on the list but as it is near the end of the year it is updated daily.

Commander Ernie thanked those who attended the memorial for Albert Poissonnier.

Commander Ernie asked the SAL Commander Jerry Berard to approach the podium for a presentation. The SAL Squadron 5 presented to the post a check for $600 to help pay for the canteen wall. Commander Jerry also mentioned that the SAL is donating to homeless veterans families that are at the shelter.

Legion Rider Chapter 5 Director Jeff Flye also approached the podium for a presentation. The Legion riders of post 5 presented to the post a check for $300 to help pay for the canteen wall. Director Jeff also mentioned that they are adopting a family for Christmas. Commander Ernie made comments of this and thanked the units for their donations. It is very much appreciated.

Commander Ernie asked Adjutant for an update on the natural gas installation. Adjutant Carl mentioned that we have been fully converted including the kitchen. The bill for October for $160 and the last bill for November was $890 which is much better than last year when we were putting an average of $750 a week of oil.

Craig Bailey mentioned that the Waterville High school select chorus went to Togus Building 207 to sing Christmas Carols.

Commander Ernie mentioned that the Mid-Winter conference will be held in Grey on January 16th.

The next Executive Committee meeting is at the Commanders call.

The next regular meeting is January 5th at 7 PM.

There being no further business to come before the membership the meeting was closed in proper form at 8:10 P.M.

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