Minutes 01-19-2015


The regular meeting of Bourque-Lanigan Post #5 American Legion was called to order at 7:00 P.M.by Commander Ernie Paradis.
Members that have not been at a meeting for a long time: Elmer Prentiss and Bonnie McGann


Finance – Butch Berard – Gave the finance report for the month of December.
1st Vice-Commander – Mike Coyne mentioned that since the last meeting we would be transmitting 15 national direct and 25 others who paid by mail. This brings us to 89.66% and we have 70 members needed for our 100%.

2nd Vice Commander – Charles Shoudy – No Report. As canteen manager he gave the canteen report.

House Chairman – Floyd Smith – No Report

Chaplain – Herb Brock – No Report

Sickness and distress – Commander Ernie went to see Real Cyr and mentioned that he waiting for an appointment to see what they can do at the cancer center.

Service Officer – Jim Ware – No Report. He did talk about the possibility of doing his post officer service work one Saturday a month at the post. Commander Ernie asked how we will notify the members. It was mentioned that we could put this in the newsletter, Facebook etc.

Charity Committee – Gil Pelletier – Absent

Americanism – Larry Mitchell – Reported that he received a response from the Winslow High School speech coach and that he is interested in doing the oratorical contest next year. Commander Ernie commented on this.

Athletic Officer – Eric Blier – Absent
Historian – Real Trepanier – No Report.

Correspondents and application or transfer of new members:

Adjutant Carl read the transfer application of Marc Veilleux. Jim Rogers made a motion to accept the application. Butch Berard seconded it. The motion passed.

Unfinished business:

Commander Ernie mentioned that he and Mo Prentiss went to the 9th District meeting that was held at the Maine Veterans Home in Augusta. He made comments on this meeting.

New business:

Bonnie McGann talked about the charity project that St. Johns school is doing during Catholic school week. They are doing Valentines Hearts and are going to give them to the veterans at the Maine Veterans Homes.

Second Vice-Commander – Charles Shoudy – assumed temporary command of the membership, for the purpose of leading the membership, in a salute toward the charter in memory of David Heath and Armand Bourque who passed away since our last meeting.

Recessed for prizes: Names drawn for $50 was Michael Pellerin, Ernest Moulton, Clement Boulette, Douglas Cooper, and for $30 Gerald Michaud. None were present.

The door prize was won by Real Trepanier who donated it to the post.

Meeting reconvened and under good of the legion:

1st Vice Commander Mike was asked by some members if there was going to be a meeting tonight as it is Martin Luther King holiday. He was also asked if we were going to have a meeting on February 16th which is Presidents Day holiday. Mike told them that we would be having meetings on those days.

Pearley Lachance mentioned that the Knights of Columbus are doing operation wheelchair at Togus. This is where they bring veterans to Mass.

Larry mentioned that there is a new trend to have different organizations give $19.99 per month to help support them. He mentioned that the Legion is doing this also. The big question is what happens to the money that the Legion is collecting. Commander Ernie mentioned that it is going towards the Wounded Warrior project. There was some discussion on this. Margaret May made some comments regarding the wounded Warriors Project as to how much of the money actually goes to the veterans. There was some discussion on this as well as on other organizations that collect money. Larry committed to provide information on charity giving efficiency at the next meeting

Real Asked about the furnaces and how they were helping the post. There was some discussion on this.

Commander Ernie commented on the Mid-Winter conference that was held at the Gray post.

The next 9th District meeting is February 11th at the Maine Veterans Home in Augusta.

The next Executive Committee meeting is at the Commanders call.

The next regular meeting is February 2 at 7 PM.

There being no further business to come before the membership the meeting was closed in proper form at 8:10 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted, Carl Paradis, Adjutant